Wednesday 30 January 2013

You're going to put that finger where?

This morning I took His Highness to the vet for his slightly overdue health WOF and innoculations.

And although he wasn't particularly kindly inclined towards the whole exercise, he allowed himself to be subjected to the pokes and prods of his new vet Natalie and her assistant who was helping out before starting a five-year vet science degree.    

Thankfully, everything was where it should have been and performing as it's supposed to. Natalie declared Bristol to be in rude good health and one of the best-behaved dogs she's ever seen.

But oh the indignity: she weighed him on the cat scale! He was NOT impressed.

This photo was taken just before Natalie did the finger-in-bum thing to check his anal glands. Note the crazed look in his eye.

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