Friday 6 November 2015

Food and speed in Bologna

Our second day started with a cooking class at Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina where we discovered the secret to Italian food (basically chucking lots of butter, wine and sugar at everything), before we got to scoff our delicious creations (tortellino, zucchini flan and panna cotta, since you asked).

The afternoon was spent at the Ducati factory and museum, one of this region's most famous companies. Despite having spent far too much time in Hutt growing up, I seem to have missed the petrol-head gene so I wasn't expecting to enjoy Ducati as much as I did. But, entwined as it is with WWII, the history of Ducati is fascinating. So even though I would usually rather stroke my face with a potato peeler than ride a motorbike, it was a great experience.

Later, there was a visit to a luxury galleria, dinner and a jazz concert.


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