Sunday 22 April 2018

Rock the Casbah

The first story from my recent Morocco media trip is published in today's Sunday Star Times (here's a link to the online version).

And yes, you're probably going to have that Clash song velcroed to your brain stem for the rest of the day too. You're welcome.

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Thursday 19 April 2018

New Plymouth house

My story about the home of reno queen Michelle Matangi is in the April issue of NZ House & Garden (click here to read).

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Are women really unhappier than men?

Yes, yes the Portugal pics are coming...but in the meantime, here's a story I did in Saturday's Canvas Magazine, about unhappy women (click here to read).

Monday 9 April 2018

Visual evidence I was in Morocco

No need to send out a search party, here I am!

Yes it's been more than a week since I got back from the Emirates/On the Go/CroisiEurope media trip to Morocco and Portugal, but as well as battling jet-lag (even though Emirates is kind to journos and put me in Business Class, the time zone changes still mess with your head), I've been literally running from one deadline to the next since I got home.

But here's some of what I did and saw in Morocco...and once I get around to writing the stories, I will publish/link to them here so you can read all about this fabulous trip.



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