Friday, 5 May 2017

I won something!

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the Animator is the lucky one in our household. He often wins raffles, competitions and Lotto, including a couple of decent wins over the years. Go anywhere with him where there's a chance of winning something, and he's the one who will take it out. Luck of the Irish, maybe?

I, on the hand, must have annoyed Lady Luck in a previous (or this) life. In my vast number of years on this planet, all I can recall winning is, in no particular order, a hideous knitted toilet roll doll holder thingy (I was about five so...), a subscription to a magazine and a meat pack (of no great use to a non meat muncher).

So no-one was more surprised than I when, at a Victoria University alumni book reading event with five of NZ's leading authors and poets last night, my name was drawn as the winner of the authors' latest books. Admittedly, I'm probably the least deserving of the prize, given that I already get lots of lovely free books each month thanks to my North & South Magazine reviewing gig. But I don't review any NZ books, so last night's unprecedented win was especially sweet.

I also had some other good news yesterday (can't say until its finalised), but a good day all round.



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