Friday, 2 July 2010

My blue suede shoes...

Who'd have thought you could enter the gates of heaven in a lunch-hour?

Today on my way to work I spied what they refer to over here as a 'retail park' (a few largeish shops, to you and me). So at lunchtime, I changed into my walking shoes and headed over there. And discovered, among other things, a NEXT outlet store (insert happy dance).

Shazzy's well-honed bargain radar quickly spotted these cool suede shoes - a mere snip at 13 quid! So of course I had to buy them to cheer up my feet. Note the cute yellow lining and the square toes - I was a one woman cauldron of happiness when I bagged these babies.

Shame they don't go with my other bargain of the week - a purple pleated work dress (looks way better than it sounds) that I bought from a vintage shop (read: charity store). It was only 5.99 but the best thing about it was that it came from a PDSA shop where all proceeds pay for vet care for animals whose owners can't afford it. So not only have I added to my slender wardrobe (where the hell are those cartons, anyway?!) I've also helped an animal in need and earned a shed-load of good karma.

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