Friday 21 August 2015


I knew the dumpster trolley would have profound consequences on my ability to get through the tonne of work I had to do today.

It took a good hour to hose and scrape off years of mud and paint. After drying her off, I spent far too long doing what the magazines I write for call 'curating' - ie p*ssing about moving stuff around. I'm sure this configuration will change many, many times in the future.

But a nice way to bookend what's been a pretty frantic week. And there's always tomorrow to work, right?

Am thrilled I get to properly display this super cool bowl I bought in Copenhagen a few years back and then had to fight the Easy Jet hostie to let me keep in the overhead locker instead of putting in the hold. Some fights are worth having.  

These vintage pool balls came from eBay in the UK and the cutlery box from an antiques shop in Bristol I used to haunt every Saturday. How goddam cute are those birds nests?

   And so endeth the portion of our service devoted to interior design. Happy weekend y'all.

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