Friday 18 December 2015

Ode to a Bach

I've written about this before, about the happiest sound in the world being the door shutting on another year of work.

And what bliss it is that for the next few weeks, I will not be required to show up or dress up. There will be no need to engage in a strategic manner, to pretend to care deeply about the subject matter or to write until my brain bleeds (to be fair, there will be some of the latter during the break, given I'm playing catch up with freelance pieces. But it will be stuff I enjoy, so will hardly feel like work).

In the meantime, my story about how we came to buy our simple wooden bach, and why, is one of four pieces of mine in the January issue of North & South Magazine (click here to read).


  1. Happy New Year to you three! Hope the Christmas break was splendid.Loved this story,the Bach looks great x

  2. Hey lovely, great to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. Hope Xmas in Melbourne was kind to you - looking forward to seeing you hopefully sometime this year. Come back to Welli - it really misses you




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