Saturday 9 January 2016

It's been nine days since my last drink

I'm not an alcoholic or anything (although sometimes I like G&Ts and a good red more than is possibly advisable) BUT I have decided to have a dry January.

So far it's going okay - although I went to friends' for dinner on Wednesday night and while the three boys ripped into the good bubbly, I had to make do with a cranberry juice. But having overindulged last year, I think it's only fair to give sobriety a go, as farking tedious as it is.

Today, as I sat outside in the glorious sunshine and read another review book (a goodie too) I came within a whisker of chucking in the towel and cracking an ice cold bottle of pinot gris.    

Instead, I remembered a refreshing mint lemon drink I'd consumed gallons of when I'd been dessicated by the heat in Oman and Dubai last year. As luck would have it, the Animator's mint crop is going gangbusters, so it was the work of a few minutes to turn mint, lemons and ice into this thirst quencher.

Did it taste good? To the power of 10. Will it ever replace fermented grapes in my affections? Not bloody likely.

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