Friday 15 January 2016

What a Week

Stupidly busy times in our household this week.

The Animator has bid adieu to The Thunderbirds for a few months to work on a film featuring a very cool Hollywood actress (click here) which is being shot in Welli. He is hoping for sightings. That's when he's not working 14 hour days, that is. We hardly ever see him anymore.

I, meanwhile, have started a new part-time copywriting contract at a super cool natural skincare and cosmetics company based not too far from my house (a 10 minute walk, in fact). It's the most fragrant place I've ever worked.

I predict we will both sleep most of this weekend.

Here for your viewing pleasure, and because I need something beautiful to rest my eyes upon, are these furry beauties.

Happy weekend, y'all.

(Pic Credit: Tumblr)

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