Friday 13 May 2016

A good day for a birthday

Thanks for the birthday emails and texts - I had the most wonderful day in the most wonderful city.

After a much-needed sleep-in, we caught the subway to Brooklyn for brunch and wandered around the waterfront, taking a zillion photos. And then we walked back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge, taking in the sunshine and the glorious views of the Statue of Liberty and the famous skyline.

Later we visited the 9/11 Memorial, the new World Trade Centre buildings and the astonishing Oculus transportation hub. Last time I was here, the site of the former Twin Towers was but a hole in the ground. Now it sports several skyscrapers and two watery memorials which bear the names of all those who died in the terrorist attacks. A sobering point in an otherwise fun-filled day.

One more subway ride and we were at Grand Central Station, one of my favourite places in Gotham (the architecture always makes me lose my mind).And then dinner and a glass of bubbles near our hotel in Mid-town.

A brilliant way to take the sting out of being a year older...



  1. Happy belated birthday from the Connollys x

  2. Hey Rach, thanks for that. It was a lovely birthday. Hope you guys are well and happy and settling back into life in the UK.




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