Sunday 15 May 2016

A New York State of Mind

We have had a fabulous few days, criss-crossing Manhattan and Brooklyn and eating, drinking and shopping more than should be allowed by state law.

Yesterday started with the madness that is Times Square - that place gets crazier each time I visit. Later, while waking through Central Park, the heavens opened so we popped into the ever excellent Met (the last time we visited this behemoth of a museum, the Animator was asked not to take photos of the Maori carvings).

We further topped up our culture register with a visit to MOMA. Or at least tried to. It appears we are the only ones in the Tri-state area unaware that Friday nights are free at this flagship museum which features more than 200,000 pieces of modern and contemporary art. Trying to see works by Degas, Picasso and Mondrian is no easy feat when hundreds are trying to do the same.

We had better luck today at the Brooklyn/Fort Greene Flea Market - I found a vintage map and an old school bottle opener the Animator has been after for ages (don't ask). I love Brooklyn and next time I visit NYC will be staying there.

Tomorrow at noon we fly from Newark to LA - and after a few hours' wait will hop on the big silver bird for the 12 hour schlep to Auckland. And then the one hour hop to Wellington.

See you on the other side.

The Brooklyn/Fort Greene Flea Market:


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