Thursday, 20 October 2016

Living in a hotel

When we came back from the UK in 2011, the Animator's employers kindly put us up in Wellington's Museum Art Hotel for six weeks. Not that the Animator saw much of it - he was working stupidly long hours finishing the film Tin Tin and would leave when it was dark and get home long after I'd turned in.

And although it was glorious living with such eclectically curated art, often being the only one in the gym and pool and having a daily cleaner, there were a few odd things about living in a hotel. Such as getting home from work each night and having to fight your way through a cocktail party in the lobby, or the need to make small talk with strangers before the first coffee of the day. But on balance it was lovely and one day I must write something about it.

Recently that hotel changed hands and tonight I've been invited to the media launch of what's being re-branded the QT Museum Hotel. I'm really looking forward to walking through those doors again.


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