Saturday 14 January 2017

A busy few days

Yesterday, while I looked longingly out of the window at the sun, I was stuck inside on deadline. I was saved by the arrival of the Animator's cousin from London, who gave me an excuse to hit the off button and join them in the sun-splashed garden for a good old chinwag.

And then we walked down the road to this very cool neighbourhood bar, followed by Mexican food.

This morning it was an early-ish start as the cousin departed and we headed over the winding Rimutakas for a story for a house magazine. The Animator and the woofer went for a walk by the river while I interviewed the lovely owners. And then my boys joined us for afternoon tea in this bucolic setting. Which, of course, started the Animator off on his favourite rant (of wanting to sell up in the city and move to the country. Which I also want - just not yet).

But a lovely weekend so far - and we get to do it all again tomorrow when a friend pops over for arvo tea. In between I have a ton of work to get done so best I crack into it (yeah I know, could my Saturday nights get any more thrilling?!)

(Photos: supplied)

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