Tuesday 17 January 2017


The first SPCA puppy walking volunteering Monday night walk kicked off with these three adorable bundles of fluff.

These eight-week old brothers haven't had their final shots yet so they weren't able to be walked on the footpath. Instead we got to carry them around the usual waterfront route.

To say they were a star attraction would be to dive into a very deep pool of understatement: these little guys charmed the pants off the public (the aim of the walks is to socialise the puppies) and our usual hour long walk took almost double that as we stopped for people to coo over them.

But oh my, the joy of holding these tiny, warm bodies and breathing in their adorable puppy smell was intoxicating. It was all I could do not to pop one of them in my pocket on the way home.

Apologies for the unflattering pic below (of the humans, anyway); those SPCA vests must be one of the least sexy garments known to womankind.


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