Sunday 18 June 2017

The QT Museum Wellington

Five and a bit years ago, when we returned from the UK, the Animator's employers kindly put us in the Museum Art Hotel for six weeks. It was wonderful, if slightly surreal, living in a hotel.

Fast forward to last year and the Australian QT brand bought the hotel, its first on this side of the ditch, and re-branded it as the QT Museum Wellington.

Last night we got to play tourists in our own town when we stayed there the night for a story. I'm pleased to report it was as glorious as I remember, with so much modern art strewn about it's almost like staying in a gallery. The rooms were gorgeous and the high tea was even more so. Highly recommended if you need to lay your head down in central Welly.

A few visuals of our lovely night away.

The view from our suite:


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