Monday 26 August 2013

SPCA Cupcake Day

Yesterday we opened our wallets for one of the best causes in town, to get the Welly SPCA out of its manky old premises and into the former Fever Hospital, which they're hoping to do by the rump end of this year.

An added attraction at the City Market was the presence of several shelter puppies; they were incredibly excited about the Brizz but His Highness remained disinterested throughout. Watching him trying to maintain his air of indifference while a puppy licked his ears was priceless.

Tonight on my walk home from work, I saw two burly blokes come out of their flat carrying a tray of cupcakes. They were off to a local pub to continue the good work; I immediately bought a couple and while they weren't nearly as attractive, or tasty, as the SPCA ones (which were, in fact, donated by the scrum-a-licious Fidels Cafe) they were made with love. One of the chaps actually works for the SPCA and said he was happy to do his bit to help the homeless animals. Maybe if we were all a bit like that, the world would be a less miserable place.

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