Saturday 17 August 2013

Holy S*&t!!!

The day started with the final inspection of our rental property and the signing of hundreds of pieces of paper with our departing tenants; there was some cleaning while I waited for the carpet guy to turn up. Then a few hours in the hairdressers chair with gunk on my head.

And the creeping dread that I had left the oven on in the rental. The carpet cleaner was, of course, long gone so I high-tailed it home and hurriedly drove up to Thorndon. At 2.31pm I was sat at the lights outside the Supreme Court in downtown Wellington when the car started to move. Thinking I had my foot down on the brake too hard I eased it off and moved forward a bit. But still the car shook. Bristol, sitting patiently in the passenger seat, started to bark and then the road turned into a wave and I honestly thought the car was going to flip over. Some screaming may have been involved, there was certainly some swearing and my hands didn't stop shaking for some time afterwards.

Later, there was much texting and visiting of friends and neighbours to ensure everyone was okay, especially those who live alone. It's true that a crisis brings everyone together but holy mother of God I could have done without that jolt, and the continual parade of aftershocks.    

Would someone please give Welly a jumbo packet of Tums to calm her down...

(Pic credit: GNS)

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