Monday 10 February 2014

There is a God afterall

Today came the joyous news from the Hong Kong Tourism Board that after my three nights at the Peninsula Hotel (which has, just quietly, been called the best hotel in the world), I am being hosted at another lovely hotel - but this one is INSIDE the Harbour City Mall, probably my favourite shopping centre in the entire world.

Yes, I had to read the email twice too - my hotel is actually inside the mall. The God of Shopping loves me and he too believes that the path to true happiness lies the way of a credit card-melting shopping spree.

Later, there was a travel commission from a national magazine which is, as they say in the business, a big 'get', and then an email from an international travel magazine asking me if I'd like to write a piece for them. Today it feels as though the fates have saved all their blessings and rained them down on me at once.

Which is lovely, given that the weather has turned feral (getting drenched on the walk to and from work? Check) and I am getting that horrid sore joints/swollen throat thing that signals a flu is cresting the horizon and marshalling its strength for an all out attack. Today, however, I smile in the face of illness; I have been a lucky girl and for that I remain very, very grateful.

   (Pic Credit: The Peninsula Hotel) 

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