Monday 9 February 2015

What we did this (long) weekend

Happy belated birthday, Aoteaora, and thank you for the three-day weekend.

We spent it at the bach/beach house, painting up a storm. But the 50 shades of peach are slowly disappearing and the cool beach-house kind of vibe we're after is starting to emerge.

This is my favourite corner of the kitchen/dining area, with the cool-as workbench we found in the garden and all the crockery and cutlery left to us by the previous owners (including the fab Agee jars that now hold flatware and ingredients - score).

I spent most of Saturday arvo applying layer upon layer of white paint to this kitchen unit.

And here's a couple of the living room, including the blow fish we found on the beach a few months ago and bleached to get rid of the nasty inner bits and the fishy smell. Our friend's greyhound took a particular shine to it on Sunday when she visited.

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