Monday 6 April 2015


Easter, as the irritating tee-vee adverts tell us, isn't just about chocolate eggs and hot cross buns.

It's also, as we found out this weekend, about the Waiterere Beach Easter Carnival where we spent Saturday afternoon chilling out.


It was also about the shit-ton of work I need to get done before I head overseas this coming weekend.

To break the tedium, there were twice-daily trips to the beach (including on Sunday with my friend Jo and her rescue greyhound, who also have a bach at Waiterere). And while the Animator covered every conceivable surface with fine dust as he plastered, sanded and replastered the bathroom walls, I got my own DIY groove on with the painting of the firewood receptacle he knocked up for me.

Am quietly chuffed at how well it turned out. Bring on the cold weather...

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