Monday 7 March 2016

More fruit and vegetable related goodness

This post should really be sponsored by the sort of organic produce chain that charges outrageous sums for knobbly, misshapen fruit and veggies (the kind our mothers would have turned their noses up at).

But the deep-pocketed, Prius-driving customers who frequent such shops would no doubt be salivating at this bounty the Animator harvested at the beach house on Saturday. After this photo was taken, we picked yet another bowl of white-fleshed peaches, whose delicate perfume is now filling the Mt Vic house.

Having exhausted my culinary repertoire of pumpkin, cherry tomato and peach dishes (not together, you understand) I have now started to plunder my vast collection of cookbooks whose main purpose seems to be attracting dust mites (bonus: this morning I discovered two cookbooks I have absolutely no recollection of ever buying).

Despite my best efforts, these photos are hardly Instragrammable, but you get the idea.

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