Monday 25 July 2016

Wellington SPCA Puppy Squad

Before we moved to the UK, the Animator and I were pretty religious about volunteering at the Wellington SPCA, spending every second Sunday walking the adult dogs. And then we moved to the UK. And even though we've been back almost five years, we've never got our shizzle together sufficiently to do anything more for our favourite charity than write out a few cheques.

Until a couple of weeks ago when, feeling sorry for myself during a cold, dark run around the waterfront, I came across the puppy walking crew who exercise a few of the SPCA pups every Monday night. I promptly signed up and tonight Bristol and I headed down to the wharf for our fill of gorgeous puppy dogs.

It was freezing and dark but for around 10 volunteers and 15 canines, it was a lot of fun. #Mondaynightssorted

Here's one of the adorable pups we walked. And yes, I did want to take him home.

            (Photo credit: Wellington SPCA)

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