Tuesday 26 July 2016

What I did last week

Yes I know I've been back almost a week but it's been a little frantic. I finally managed to download some of the photos of our three night Singapore Airlines famil to Canberra.

Overseas readers may be scratching their heads about this point, wondering why Singapore Airlines would fly three journos from Welli to Canberra on a media trip. And you'd be right but, as of September 20, Singapore Airlines will be flying from Welli to Canberra (the first international flight to land in Australia's capital) and then onto Singapore and points beyond. So no more doing the tiresome conga to Auckland or Christchurch from now on. Thank you, God of Travel.

But back to the script. Canberra was a lot of fun; dispel any notions of it being a boring, public servant town because while we weren't looking, this perfectly planned city morphed into a cool wee town full of fabulous restaurants and bars and more museums than you can poke a stick at. We also spent a night at the wonderful Jamala Wildlife Lodge where Hummer the resident giraffe was right outside my window (we got to feed him carrots from our balcony and my word, he's got an enormous tongue!)

We even spent a few hours at the excellent Truffle Farm, hunting for black gold with owner Jayson and his gorgeous dogs. Sadly, the only thing we didn't manage was an early morning balloon flight (thank you, fog and wind) but at least that allowed us a sleep-in one morning.

And what a sleep-in it was: I'm lucky to have stayed in some amazing hotels during my career but Hotel Hotel in the heart of Canberra's trendy New Acton district was outstanding. I dare you to click on that link and not start counting your pennies.

A brief but very cool visit, and now I just need to write the stories.


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