Friday 30 September 2016

Dance like no-one is watching

Because they aren't!

On Wednesday night, my friend Alison and I finally got our act together to schlep down to a nondescript school hall in Newtown for No Lights, No Lycra (also called Dancing in the Dark in some cities).

It sounds odd but bear with me: basically, it's about dancing your butt off in the dark, without judgement, alcohol or anyone watching you.

Dreamed up by two Melbourne dance students in 2009 (and now with chapters all over the planet) it involves getting togged up in workout gear (in this case, lycra is allowed) and busting a move or three in total darkness.

Initially, when the lights went out and the hall was pitch black, it did feel a little strange. But then Stevie Wonder came crashing out of the speakers, and it was on! We got hot and sweated buckets and had the best time ever. Bonus: you get an hour's workout for the princely sum of five bucks.

As a woman next to me said afterwards, as a female, the only place you can really go for a good boogie is at clubs (usually peopled by drunk, lecherous men and bitchy women) or in your living room, where armchair collisions are a real possibility. But being able to rock out to a fantastic soundtrack for an hour with other like-minded folk (about 40 or so on Wednesday night) in a safe environment was priceless.

Sadly, the Welli chapter of No Lights, No Lycra is only held every fortnight. But I will definitely be back.


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