Monday 9 August 2010

Almost as good as a bought one

Fresh from Shazzy's pre-historic oven - one tray of Afghan biscuits to be consumed by colleagues tomorrow.

It all started with a "soup-off" at work - four delicious home-made soups that were duly judged and points awarded for texture, taste and after-kick. I offered to bring in my lovely Thai pumpkin and coconut soup that some of you may have sampled over the years. But a pumpkin can't be had for love nor money in this country until Halloween (WTF??) Turns out the Poms think they're suitable only for feeding to pigs. So my default position was something sweet and Kiwi - and none of my colleagues had ever heard of Afghans.

I reckon I deserve double points, seeing as how I was working in extremely challenging conditions: ie no mixing bowl, no measuring cup and an oven that was installed when Margaret Thatcher was PM. Oh how I miss the well-appointed, well-stocked kitchen I had at home.

They'd bluddy better like them, is all I can say...


  1. err, what are those things are they edible?

  2. ha ha! Luckily the team loved them. I could bring one down to London next time I'm there. Or you could come up to Bristol?


  3. they were lovely and edible. x



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