Wednesday 17 November 2010

Autumn in BS8

So it turns out that I can happily co-exist in the same Venn diagram as freezing temperatures and driving rain. Who'd have thought?

But when the seasonal colours are this glorious, it isn't hard. Autumn has come to town in a way that it never does at home and it's been fun wading through the river of amber on my way to work each day. Except of course when it rains; I've almost taken a tumble a couple of times.

Yet weeks after the sun has been chased out of the sky, I'm still loving the fall colours and the crunch the leaves make underfoot.

Lame I know, but I'm all about celebrating the innane.

thanks to the superbly talented Animator for the pics


  1. Amazing photos!! wow.

  2. thanks hon - wish I could take credit for them but that honour goes to the talented Mr Husband.
    What they dont show is how friggin cold it is! Hope it's warmer in Welly xx



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