Sunday 14 November 2010

My Tūrangawaewae*

It's been just over six months since I last felt the sting of a Wellington southerly, six months since I left my lovely dog, friends and home at the arse end of the world to set up camp in a city I've never even visited.

And although the road has been long and filled with pot-holes you could fish it, there is much about being here that makes me smile. Yet, every so often, I have a flashback and have to catch my breath: I long to see Wellington's cute wooden houses clinging perilously to the hillside, to run along her beautiful waterfront and have brunch in the Botanic Gardens or the Aro Cafe.

If I shut my eyes hard enough, I could almost be back there: walking Molly in the town belt, losing the better part of a lunchtime at the funky library, or visiting Brookyn's art house cinema on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I miss being in the 04 more than I ever thought I would but I know that one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, Wellington will once again open her arms and wrap me in her embrace.

Today I stumbled across this stunning collection of words that sums up my longing better than I ever could:

I hear you calling me
haere mai, haere mai
in my dreams
haere mai, haere mai
from the land you call to me
call to me
come home

my heart is in your forests
my spirit is in your land
eyes coloured by your sky
sea washed by ancient rites
I hear you calling me
back to the land,
to the land
my ancestors/mothers rest
within their ground
calling me
haere mai, haere mai
welcome home daughter
you of the land
welcome home daughter
you of the sky
sacred sea
sacred spirit
we watch our daughter
daughter of daughters
we watch her now.
call to your land daughter
call to your land
call to all the daughters
haere mai, haere mai daughter
now of the land.
Carol Neilson

* Home, the place where you feel most connected and empowered


  1. Fantastic Sharon!
    LOVE hearing all about your adventure & with the pix's too! Wish I could be there in SF when you matter, we'll meet up again.
    Hugs to you/Marty...Donna Mac



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