Thursday 25 November 2010

New Zealand's darkest hour

Today I finished an article about the lack of infrastructure in India highlighted by the recent Commonwealth Games, interviewed a futures analyst in Italy about European food trends for 2011, and tried to justify my presence at a conference in Paris by setting up a raft of interviews.

I also returned a library book, unsuccessfully bought a beret and successfully purchased a pumpkin for a Soup Off we're having at work. Tonight I'm going for a few drinks at a 16th Century pub with friends.

On the hour, and every half hour, the BBC radio station we have playing at work reminded me that the 29 Kiwi miners trapped in the West Coast's Pike River mine had perished after a second blast this morning.

It's New Zealand's worst single loss of life since the Erebus air disaster and, like every Kiwi in every corner of the planet, it brought tears to my eyes. Being so far away from home and going about one's daily business, it's easy to feel removed from the horror of the event. I can't imagine how those families feel, especially with Christmas so near, but I hope they know that the world mourns with them. Rest in Peace...

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