Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A red letter day

Did I tell you that this week I finally got what I've been seeking for years - a three-day-a-week contract? Sorry, I must have been too busy hollering with joy to mention it.

But yes, as of this week, I will spend Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at the PR gulag and Wednesdays and Fridays working on freelance gigs. Having spent years tucking freelance work into evenings and weekends, it will be a joy to finally have two whole days to dedicate to writing. Jeez, I might even be able to claw back some 'Me' time...

Today, my first day of freedom, I spent a hour editing a document for a client, two writing a Your Home & Garden article and another hour visiting a graphic designer for an annual report I've written. Later, I will pop into my favourite shop with more clothes for the lovely woman who sells them for me, and the printer to get my new business cards. Later still, there will be dinner with one of my BFFs, Lil, who is down from an Auckland for a few days and another friend I haven't seen for ages, so a loud, gossipy night is on the cards. I think I'm going to like this part-time working lark.

This was the sight that greeted us when Bristol and I went for a long, leisurely run along the waterfront this morning. Welcome sunshine, you've been gone far too long...


  1. That's fabulous babes! Know you have been looking for a part-time contract for ages, so good on you for finally nailing one.

    Getting colder on this side of the world now, brrrr...

    Marie xox

  2. Yes, it's so good I keep having to pinch myself! But yesterday I had lunch sitting in my garden in the sunshine and that's when I really appreciated having two weekdays to myself!

    Sorry to hear about the cold, but we've had months and months of that so we've sent it over to you!




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