Friday 19 October 2012

The medical profession

Spoke too soon about having four days unfettered by grief.

Instead, I spent large chunks of today criss-crossing the city, taking off my top and opening my wallet. It's not what you think, though (and shame on you for letting your imagination roam) but after days of impersonating an ostrich, today an injury caught up with me.

Last week, while doing yoga, I felt my shoulder 'ping' and during the past few days it's gotten progressively worse. So today I spent 20 minutes with my lovely female doctor who said my mangled shoulder was 'pulsating', a description that sounded both pornographic and repulsive. She then sent me across town to a physio who did horridly invasive things to my upper body and, later, to a pharmacist who plied me with pain killers.

Ironically, tomorrow I am supposed to strap on skates and be body slammed by large women for a story  but, given today's developments, my participation may now be marginal.

Thankfully I did manage to make a slight dent in this weekend's ridiculous workload but could have done without losing so much time. On the upside, hopefully tonight I will have a decent sleep for the first time in a week.

Pic of the day is this furry wee fellow who makes me feel better just by being in the same room as him.



  1. I too have a pain in the neck which goes all down my arm, the result of doing aerobics. I too need physio! I too ask what's the point of doing exercise when it is so bad for you! love neat xx

  2. I concur! I bloody costing me an arm and a leg too! But at least the drugs are good!

    Skype soon darling




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