Tuesday 10 September 2013

A downer

We've spent the last two days getting stoned on Vitamin D. Today, however, the Weather Gods are clutching their sides with laughter (sorry this blog is becoming so obsessed with meteorological conditions - that's not why y'all come here).

We have plunged back into sub Antarctic conditions and I almost got blown into the path of a bus when I popped out at lunchtime. Am busy being an obedient little copywriter but my heart isn't in it today: all I want to do is go home and retire to bed with my book and lashings of tea. After risking pneumonia in the Town Belt with the Furry Fellow, of course.

Plans are being laid and emails zooming across the seas in preparation of our media trip to Singapore next week.The thought of 30 degree heat, chilli crab and the Orchard Road shops are the only things propping up my world weary soul at the moment...

      (Pic Credit: Google Images)

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