Saturday 14 September 2013

Up and Down

I started this yesterday but ran out of puff. So let's make it a Friday/Sat collaborative kind of thing:

  • Sunshine, glorious sunshine. You have been gone far too long. I truly heart you.
  • Getting stuff done. There's nothing like a deadline to light the fire under one's arse, and knowing that I'm getting on a big silver bird on Thursday has made my fingers race over the keyboard. Result: two interviews, three corporate pieces and a pitch all done and dusted.
  • A meeting with the lovely owner of an advertising agency I met while walking the Hound. And a copywriting project that needs doing by Xmas. Bonus: after the meeting we took our respective canines into the Town Belt for a walk and a natter. Sometimes things do fall into place.
  •  A long and involved chat with the PR for our Singapore media trip to iron out all the creases in our itinerary. And, joy of joys, we have the same guide I had four years ago; she was so much fun I spent most of my time in the tiny island state shaking with laughter. Not so joyful: having to attend some post-Formula 1 party next Saturday and not having a clue what to wear (this should probably be in the 'Down' column).  
  • Freetime spent pouring over the Zara, H&M and Topshop websites in anticipation of next week's shopping spree. Scoff all you like, overseas readers, but here in these small, shaky isles we are bereft of these global behemoths. So while you may believe they represent the seven circles of hell, when you're denied access to them, they become like some kind of glittery prize. Perhaps a trip to one of these places can solve the above bullet.
  • The usual time/tasks conundrum.
  • My friend Lorna and her adorable woofer Dobbie are moving. Yesterday we had a last walk with them, although they're only moving a couple of suburbs away, so hopefully we'll stay in touch.
  • Realising a favourite Stella McCartney top (calm down, a sample I bought in China which probably cost about 1/8th of the real thing) has sprung a hole in the side. Cue inept tailoring skills.   
  • Not being able to watch the second season of The Newsroom because the Animator had failed to bung it on the hard-drive. And he was, quite inconsiderately, out drinking. I do love me a bit of The Newsroom when I'm home alone.
Because it's the weekend, and I'm in a good mood, today's visual is this wonderful piece of nonsense I came across the other day. Happy weekend, wherever you are...


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