Saturday 24 May 2014


After days of jiggery pokery with the courier company I finally received my media tix/vouchers for the maiden voyage of the Avalon Waterways Illumination Cruise from Vienna to Budapest. No love to the horrid courier driver who told me he "hates dogs shorter than his knee who bark all the time". Swings and roundabouts mate, because I  hate skinny white guys with bad acne who look like they dress in the dark.

I am, apparently, the last of the 12 journos (three Kiwis, three Americans and six Aussies) to receive their documentation so am very pleased it's finally here.

The morning was spent interviewing an amazing foodie who once ran a catering company with the late Clarissa Dickson Wright, from TV's Two Fat Ladies show. We laughed like drains and ate large chunks of the delectable lemon polenta cake she kindly brought over. It's just one of several stories I need to write on the painful 28 hour journey to Vienna on Thursday. #can'tsomeoneinventatardisalready?


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