Saturday 17 May 2014

Peaks and troughs

The weekend started well with a Friday night sess with the Mt Vic Vixens. Instead of our local, we opted for one of the Vixens' houses, which meant I got to channel my inner bogan by wandering down the street in my Uggs (in my defence, it was bloody freezing).

There was an early start today with a walk in the Town Belt with a mate and his two dogs and then a visit to the dreaded dentist. It's been a long time between drinks and it seemed sensible to get some stuff seen to before I leave for Europe. There was much pain, a few tears (mine) and the emptying of my bank account. There will also be a couple of encores. But it's probably best to throw a veil over the whole sorry experience and move on.

In more positive news, this parcel of goodness was waiting for me when I got home - from the luminous Elizabeth Barbalich of Antipodes as a thank you for featuring her in my DomPost Travel Talk column a few weeks back. My love for this woman knows no bounds.

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