Saturday 10 May 2014

Welcome to Australia

Five minutes after flying into Brisbane,  I was officially welcomed by a mozzie. #mustremembertowearinsectrepellant

But it has been lovely seeing the Parentals in their new home, basking in 23 degree temperatures and chatting until our tongues are ready to fall out of our heads.

Have been too busy to take many pics but here's one by the parents' pool

Today we spent a few blissful hours at Ikea buying stuff we don't need (laugh all you like, my overseas readers, but Ikea hasn't made it to NZ shores yet).

And then we met the Animator's sister Kath and her husband Mark for lunch. They and their twin sons live in Brisbane and somehow, we've managed to miss each other for about five years. So it was an afternoon of gossiping and laughing.  

:Later, we drove deep into the bush to visit our house/dog sitter's parents and drop off Mother's Day gifts - I'm too afraid of snakes (!) to venture into their garden, but we sat outside and drank wine with them and their lovely neighbours. Although I am missing HRH terribly, so far, it has been a fantastic break.



  1. LV and Ikea! My two favourite things! Hope to catch up with you when you're back, Catherine

  2. Ha ha, you are definitely speaking my language honey. Yes back on Thur so let's talk then




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