Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Spain? Thanks but no thanks....

Because I truly believe I am Superwoman. Because I suffer from an inability to say no. Because FOMO is a real thing in my world.

For those reasons, I seem unable to turn down every opportunity that comes my way. It's why I often end up working into the wee smalls, or waking at 3.00am worrying how I'm going to get everything I've committed to done. Or wondering why it's so very hard to utter that simple, one-syllable word.

Today, however, I managed to do it - the ultimate No - by turning down a media trip of a week's cycling and walking in Spain! It would basically have meant jumping on another flight to Europe in a few weeks and I've barely gotten over the last one. Plus asking for more time off would probably have stretched the patience of my employers at my part-time contract a little too far; and I have other work commitments, including six pieces from the recent famil and, horror of horrors, one from the Hong Kong trip in March I still haven't gotten around to. And then there's my two boys...

And so I said no. Did it hurt? Did it heck. But I have to realise that I can't do everything and it was good to set some boundaries and stick to them.

Still, I can't pretend five days in Spain wouldn't have been bliss. Sigh...  


  1. And your friends get the benefit of your company....small consolidation for you, big ups for us.love that Shazzy energy.

  2. Oh thank you sweetie. Loving your energy right back! Speaking of going away, we are going to miss you terribly but please bring back some sunshine for us poor saps still left to cope with winter.



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