Friday 12 December 2014

A good Friday

I am almost at the standard December tipping point where excitement at wrapping another year fades into dread at things that still have to be completed/have been pushed under the carpet of avoidance.

But today I managed to brush the tediousness to one side with a road trip to Whanganui for a national magazine with a photographer mate I haven't seen for years. In fact, aside from one small gig I commissioned him to do when I worked for some dreary government department ages ago, we calculated we last worked together 15 or so years ago! For,in fact, the same magazine that commissioned us today! Catching up was all kinds of lovely and we filled the five and a half hour round trip with much laughter, gossip and interesting conversation.

And the chap we interviewed, a man who overcame incredible hardships to stand in front of the UN and argue for the rights of disabled people, was one of the most interesting men I've ever met. He was also humble and kind and generous. It's not overstating the fact to say he glued another piece of my battered faith in human kind back into place.

The cherry atop the icing of this superb day was running into a well-known comedian in Bulls, of all places, where we stopped for lunch. She was there to MC a function and the photographer and I had a whale of a time catching up with her. Happy days...

Today's visual is, what else, but the river city, Whanganui (sorry, inspiration has left the building for its Christmas break).


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