Wednesday 17 December 2014


Today was:

30% research for two 1500 word pieces that have to be written over the break

20% excitement at landing two new commissions with two new publications - go me!

10% further excitement at organising my first media trip of the year - this one is only to the South Island but has the makings of a great weekend (and, hopefully, a good wee yarn)

10% shunting of words around the screen

10% drafting of questions for two upcoming interviews

5% walking and coffeeing around the Bay with my mate Rachel and her woofer Peggy

5%  wondering what the hell to have for dinner and if our visitor from San Francisco, who flies back in today, will notice that I haven't cleaned the house (epic fail in the house-keeping stakes this week)

5% refusing to go to Wednesday running group because the sky is furiously leaking

5% happy to be self employed so on days like this, when big fat raindrops snake down the windows, I'm cosy and dry at home .

On our way to meet Rachel and Peggy, a horrid Siamese type cat had a swipe at Bristol, which goes some way to explaining today's visual.

(Pic credit: Gemma Correll)

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