Tuesday 9 December 2014

Good news

This morning I lay on hospital sheets and had my left breast fondled by a ridiculously young and gorgeous female surgeon. As she grappled with a misbehaving ultrasound machine, we talked of hand-bags and travel and where I got my top which she so admired (10 Euro in Amsterdam, if you want to know).

And then she fiddled a bit more and gave me the good news - the pesky lump has shrunk and, at this stage, there is no need to slice me open and whip it out. Thank goodness.    

There is, it appears, more good news to come. But that shall have to wait for tomorrow. In the meantime, how bleeding sweet is this advert for Airbnb? Note that it was a clever NZ company that did the painstaking work of putting it together (a company that the Animator did some work for in a previous life).

I should be writing a dreary story for an even drearier corporate client at the moment; instead I've been watching this on high rotation. It really is like cute crack....


  1. Hey sweets, that's such good news! You must be so relieved! I know of your fear of operations so you can exhale now! And congrats on the bach - it's all go with you. But when isn't it??!!

    Sas x

  2. Hey Sas, thank you so much for your kind words. I have been overwhelmed by the number of folk who have emailed to say much the same. You are all lovely.

    And yes, a little over this year. Has been a good one but am exhausted. Hope all good with you, petal?




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