Wednesday 10 December 2014

We bought a bach!

The next key on my key-ring will be for this 70s slice of retro heaven at Waiterere Beach!

Regular readers will know a large chunk of this year has been swallowed by searching for a classic Kiwi bach and after much rolling of eyes and saying of bad words, we finally found it. We're hoping to settle as soon as the lawyers finish doing whatever it is lawyers do.

And yes, it does commit many, many abuses of the style/colour/taste bible, but it's nothing buckets of white paint and a bit of interiors caressing won't solve. The key, of course, is to wave the renovation wand in a way that liberates it from its 70s prison, but still retains the essence of a bach, where you can walk sand through the house and feel relaxed about it.

It's two streets away from the beach and we couldn't be more excited. There is much repetition of the happy dance in our household at the moment.



  1. That's exactly the same style as Danish summerhouses. It looks like a great space and you'll beable to do loads with it. Check these out, they're right by ours.

  2. Hey KC, thanks but ours is a style-free zone compared to those Danish summerhouses! Although we will defo be channelling the Danish vibe when we redecorate. And one day we will even have to swap summer houses! Ssx



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