Monday 6 July 2015


It wasn't pretty but thanks to a weekend spent mainly in bed, and to a diet of Lemsip and Robitussin, I have managed to crawl out from the under the sickness blanket.

I'm still not feeling 100% and should probably be lying on the couch, mainlining Vitamin C and overdosing on Orange is the New Black, but there is work to be done and people to interview and photoshoots to attend. And so, like those annoying adverts for flu meds, I shall soldier on.

Today's visuals are of these gorgeous, if somewhat confused, white roses from my garden. It's WINTER, ya'll, you SHOULDN'T be blooming so pretty and white.

But at least it gives me the chance to play the denial game - that it's still summertime and that I'm not actually wearing 10 layers of clothing and chugging cough syrup but wandering lazily through a sun-lit meadow in a pretty slip of a dress with a chilled glass of rose.

This here folks is exactly what happens when you pay scant attention to the 'do not exceed' warnings on the side of flu and cold medication.


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