Tuesday 7 July 2015

Kicked out

Today I showed up at Wellington Hospital to have a young male surgeon half my age prod and poke at the lump in my left breast. Along for the ride was a female medical student who looked about 12.

As usual, I pushed the fear back down inside its box and tried to remain as calm and rational as possible, given that a couple of strangers could conceivably have delivered me a prognosis with the 'C' word in it.

But, hallelujah, the baby surgeon announced that the lump hadn't, in fact, grown. It hadn't shrunk either, but apparently an increase in girth/size is the bit they worry about. So I am clear. And, having not reported any increase in my last two visits means that I am now officially kicked out of their system! I have never been so glad to have been kicked out of anything in my life.

The cherry atop this day was the lovely woman who stopped me on my way out of the hospital to comment on the coat I was wearing, which I bought at a hospice shop in London last November (the buying of which was overshadowed by a slight incident with a water bottle and my handbag which still makes my iPhone cry).

"I love your blue coat. It's really special," she said to me, as I walked by. Which was very sweet of her.

Later there was lunch with my friend Sarah, her baby Theo and Bristol (Sarah refers to them both as "our expensive pets") and lots of fun and interesting copy-writing work.

All in all, a great day.

Today's visual is the coat - you can't tell from my terribly lit photo but the sleeves have the cutest ever pleaty things at the edges (I did just type the words 'pleaty things' and yes, I was once paid to write for a fashion magazine).



  1. Hey Shazzy, that's FANTASTIC!! Bet you are blown away by that news.

    And also love the coat - that lady was right, it is special, as are you! Glad we are going to have you around for much, much longer!

    Mel xox

  2. Thanks so much Mel, that is so sweet of you to say. Certainly a relief, I can tell you




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