Wednesday 20 April 2016

Canada - and New York City, baby!

It's been a bit of a slow start to the year, travel wise, which is fine by me, given that I spent so much of last year climbing on and off planes, filling out stupid immigration forms and trying to remember it all sufficiently to write innumerable stories.

Besides, having multiple contracts means I haven't actually been able to leave town. But later next week that changes when we fly to Vancouver for the glorious nine day Adventure World Western Explorer trip from Vancouver to Calgary on the Rocky Mountaineer train, which has been called one of the world's best train trips. Then we fly to Toronto for more adventures, including dinner with a cousin I've never met.

Thanks to the lovely folk at Adventure World for this media trip - and for letting the Animator come too. We are super excited.

But that's not all. As I have an, um, milestone birthday hovering on the horizon, and I spent the last milestone birthday in New York, it seemed rude not to do the same. So after we're done with Toronto we fly to my favourite city in the world for four nights of eating, drinking, shopping and trying to forget how old I am. What's more, I am determined that NO work will be done on this leg; this is strictly a holiday (even as I type those words, I know I will end up writing something about it).

But yeah, how exciting is that? Now I just have to get a ridiculous amount of deadlines out of the way before I can get my head into travel mode...    


  1. Woo hoo, go you! Sounds like an amazing trip - look forward to reading your stories. And New York, New York for your birthday. How freaking cool is that? We want LOTS of photos please!

    Mel xox

  2. Thanks love, yes I can't wait! Just got to get through next week and a tonne of deadlines. But looking forward to it.




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