Saturday 23 April 2016

Minus one

"Dearly Beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called Life."

- Prince. 

Grieving for someone you don't know is an odd thing.

But then I kind of feel as though I did know Prince Rogers Nelson, aka the Purple one. He formed the soundtrack to my youth and to my early years in London. He was there for breakups and makeups, he filled my ears as I rode the Tube and helped drag me through work days. And he was the aural wallpaper at the down-at-heel pubs I seemed to have a thing for back then.

I can vividly remember being at a West London gym once, about to start an aerobics class, when Prince's new video for Cream came on the telly. I was so gobsmacked, I ran straight out after class to buy it. It was on high rotation that summer and the next.

As someone far more eloquent than me put it, we are losing all the freaks. The musical icons who told us it was okay to be different, to value our oddball status and hold our freaks high. First Bowie and now Prince.

Today, like so many around the globe, I have Diamonds and Pearls blasting out of my laptop as I work. Prince was unique and amazing and oh so talented. He will be missed.


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