Thursday, 17 November 2016

The world's longest flight

A few months back I wrote about taking the 17.5  hour direct flight from Auckland to Dubai, currently the world's longest air route. Tomorrow, I'm doing it again.

Before that there will be lunch in Auckland with my old mate Lil and some work in the lovely Emirates lounge before being herded onto the plane for what seems like forever. This time, sadly, the Travel Gods were off having a long lunch and I wasn't able to get into business class. But at least I scored some lounge passes so I can have a shower in Dubai before the next 6.5 hour schlep to Rome.

I shall miss my two boys, especially given the aftershocks that are still rumbling through the region. Poor Bristol is so freaked out he'd rather sit in the garden, even in the rain, than come inside. It breaks my heart. Here's hoping the quakes stop soon.
See you on the other side....

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