Tuesday 22 June 2010

Cheek of the week

It's no secret Shazzy would rather eat meat than deal with les enfants.

But today even I was shocked at how selfish some breeders and their bratty offspring can be.

I'd popped into my favourite cafe on Whiteladies Road to read the Guardian, drink green tea and eat the best bruschetta this side of the Vatican. The fact that it's a charity cafe, where all proceeds go to cancer research, always gives me a warm glow.

But today the lovely girl behind the counter was almost in tears. Turns out some horrid woman had come in and dumped her kids on the staff, saying she had errands to run.

The spawn of Satan had taken their mother's absence as a licence to throw food, jump on the furniture and train for the Screaming Olympics.

Note to breeders everywhere: if you absolutely MUST add to this already over-populated planet, then at least take responsibility for your progeny. And for the love of Allah, please teach them some manners.

(Pic: Google Images)

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