Monday 28 June 2010

Places I've been to lately

The master plan is to head away at least once a month. It is, afterall, one of the reasons why we moved to this side of the world. While we plot our next trip, here's a wee recap of where we've been lately...
Paris: yes, it was as cold as it looks but then it was early May. As a setting for a reunion with Husband, it was fine but the words 'Paris' and 'love' will still never emerge from my mouth in the same sentence. I do concede to enjoying Clignancourt Market, catching up with French and Kiwi friends and filling my camera's memory card. There was even an extra night thrown in, thanks to Mother Nature mucking about with an Icelandic volcano, but Paris still couldn't win over this hard heart. Nice pain au chocolat, though.

Atop Belfast's Victoria Square shopping centre with Husband's family for a post-wedding view across the city's spires and gingerbread rooftops.

Cardiff: took Husband's parents to the Welsh capital for lunch and dropped into Cardiff Castle for a looksie. I first visited this beautiful city around 17 years ago and in my absence they've been busy, particularly around the swanky wharf area. And Mr Sunshine tagged along for the ride, which made the day even better.

Bath: playing the dutiful daughter-in-law in front of spectacular Bath Cathedral. Loved this historic city so much we are heading back next weekend but this time for a freebie media junket for a story I'm doing for a NZ publication. Bring on the posh hotel!

Brunel's Suspension Bridge provided the backdrop for this Kodak moment with the in-laws. The glass of red at this popular Bristol pub which overlooks the Avon Gorge wasn't half bad either. A nice way to end a weekend spent playing tourists in our new backyard.

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