Thursday 24 June 2010

The doors

"In this universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown and, in between, there are doors."
William Blake

When we embarked on this whole moving to the other side of the world lark, I knew I'd have to walk through several of those doors.

Today, I entered the door marked 'new job'. Given my history of starting a different PR contract every three to six months, the logistics of arriving at a new workplace, finding out where the loos are and getting my head around an entirely new business strategy are no great stretch. Doing it in a foreign land is, admittedly, a little daunting.

However, I seem to have lucked out: more than 3,000 people share my workplace and today I met a handful of them as I was shown the on-site gym, cafe, bank, newsagents and beauty spa. There's even a man-made lake out back and, handily, a running track. The bonus is that it's within cooee of Husband's work, so not only can we share the commute, we might occasionally be able to break bread together at lunchtime. The marketing team seems nice, there's lots of work to keep me occupied, and the fact that it's the financial services sector (I've only ever done two short-term contracts in this space) means it's a valuable opportunity for this old dog to pick up a few new tricks. Plus, it isn't government. Enough said.

Another door down, how many more to go?

(Pic: Front Doors)

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