Saturday 23 October 2010

Great Dane

Finally sorted the Animator's fabbo photos of our recent Scandinavian trip (did I tell you he took the pics for my first commission for a UK Food Magazine? The editor loved them so much she asked him to snap the images for my second commission - move over David Bailey).

Yes, Scandi was as cold as it looks (thanks to a wind that threatened to rip off every item of clothing and send it to Japan) but Copenhagen is a magical city, obsessed with style and design and populated by women who make local supermodel Helena Christensen look like the ugly sister. The Animator did manage to stop drooling at some stage. And I was happy because of the harmonious marriage between Victorian gothic architecture and contemporary chic. Can I move there?
(Swedish pics to come)

Posing with the city's favourite son, Hans Christen Anderson.

Outside the famous Tiovli Gardens, which was busy putting on its Halloween costume

Trying not to be turned into human popsicles outside the unbelievably beautiful Nyhaven area

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