Saturday 16 October 2010

There is a God #2

After months of being AWOL, the good luck fairy has recently made more appearances than Michael Parkinson on British television.

First there was the new job, then the NZ and British freelance commissions, the great media trip to Scandinavia and today, at the rump end of a particularly tedious week, she really pulled out all the stops: I was 'released' from the horrid contract two weeks early - and on full pay!

The twin forces of yet another team restructure, and the fact that I have buggar all to do for the next two weeks, means that I am no longer under their chokehold. As of 5.00pm, I am officially a free woman: free from the pain-in-the-arse content management system and pointless form filling, free from the eye-wateringly boring financial services industry and free from a boss who deserves a special award for services to stupidity, arrogance and lack of imagination.

I plan to spend the next week sleeping in, taking tea at my favourite cafe, going for long leisurely runs during the middle of the day and playing catch up with the freelance commissions I'm currently lagging behind on. And having drinks with some of the lovely colleagues who've provided a welcome counterbalance to the 'suckage' of the past four months.

It's almost enough to turn a girl religious...

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